walking hadrian's wall west to east

My husband and I are doing this trek this July, also west to east, but taking almost twice as long as you. Other accommodation in Heddon-on-the-Wall. Many people choose to miss out the early part of the walk and start at Corbridge. I'm Dave Dean.

The path follows this stone wall across England from coast to coast, so we could say “we walked across England!” This path seemed doable for our first walk – but still a challenge. The Hadrian’s Wall Path is an 84 mile (135 km) long National Trail stretching coast to coast across northern England, from Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne in the east to Bowness-on-Solway in Cumbria on the west … What a grand walk you had!

This itinerary lists our preferred overnight stops for this tour.

Thanks David!

Carlisle and Newcastle have train connections to the rest of the UK.

Stuffing our complaining feet back into their shoes, we set off across the fields and through the forest, with the highlight being a large section of wall with glorious views across the countryside. Travel to Wallsend where your first night's accommodation has been booked, Wallsend to East Wallhouses(L). Even so, it was a supremely lucky break to never have to share a room with strangers the entire time. Day three started with an excellent breakfast at our B&B, including their own farm fresh eggs and local sausages. Day 0: Wallsend to Newcastle City Centre, 8km/5 miles, Day 1: Newcastle City Centre to Heddon-on-the-Wall, 21km/13 miles, Day 2: Heddon-on-the-Wall to Chollerford, 28km/17.5 miles, Day 3: Chollerford to Once Brewed, 27km/17 miles.

I was just reading about the Wall in a Nat Geo but didn’t know about the walk. Really enjoyed your travelogue.

Find out more.

More on both of those things below. Is this a safe adventure for a single female to do alone?

Sadly this coincided with being up on the crags with little shelter. There are two significant cities at either end, but miles of wild countryside in between. In the end it was a pleasant, surprisingly-attractive walk in the sunshine back to the city centre. This route can be walked in either direction - just tick the 'Reverse Tours' box when choosing your tour to see options travelling in the non-standard direction. We are happy to arrange the walk in either direction. In hindsight, we’d have broken up the first three days a little differently, even if it meant spending a bit more money.

resources and tips for planning your own Hadrian’s Wall walk, http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/hadrians-wall-path/plan, Hagia Sophia – Byzantine Architectural Wonder, How to See the Statue of Liberty with Crown Access, Our Epic Road Trip on the Icefield Parkway – Banff to Jasper, Alberta, Top 3 Secrets for Saving Money on Flights. Thanks Carole!

Walton is tiny, but there are a couple of other good nearby accommodation choices despite that. After the Crags, the path evens off into a long march through the grassy wilds of Northumberland before arriving at Brocolitia fort.

Those are some big distances to cover. when choosing your itinerary. Registered in England Number 05240113. The National trails website was our main resource for the smaller B&B’s along the wall (http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/hadrians-wall-path/plan).

At Wallsend is the Segedunum Roman Fort and museum. Have you seen any wild campers along your route? Heavy cloud, blazing sunshine, sideways rain, we had it all. We eventually descended down from the crags via some steep stone steps, walked along the road for a few minutes, and ecstatically fell through the door of the Twice Brewed pub to join a legion of other soggy hikers.

Of course that’s just an opinion, not a guarantee! It was great to get our first guests of the season deciding to stay with us at Florrie’s on the Wall after reading your blog. It is largely devoted to the course of Hadrian’s Wall with a few diversions to places of interest within a short distance of the Wall.

When it comes to accommodation, I’ll take privacy over nicer surroundings any day! https://www.contours.co.uk/hadrians-wall-path. Millions of years ago, cracks in England's bedrock allowed lava to leak upwards, forming long igneous walls. Despite their best efforts, though, over ten miles of the ancient wall still remains in small and large chunks dotted across the country.

This morning we rejoined the path at the Eden Bridge, and for the first while the it followed the River Eden.

Overnight stops marked with a (T) will always require transfers as standard.

Several companies offer a gear transport service along Hadrian’s Wall, where you leave a bag behind at your accommodation for collection each morning and it gets dropped off at your intended destination later that day. There’s no other accommodation immediately around Green Carts Farm, so you’ll likely end up staying closer to Chollerford, around three miles beforehand. A walk from Corbridge to Brampton along the most fascinating part of Hadrian's Wall. Great concept and very enjoyable.”, “Accommodation was excellent and overall the trip was very well organised.

Day 1: Wallsend to Heddon-on-the-Wall, 29km/18miles, Day 2: Heddon-on-the-Wall to Green Carts Farm, 33km/20.5 miles, Day 3: Green Carts Farm to Once Brewed, 22km/14 miles, Day 4: Once Brewed to Walton, 29km/18 miles, Day 5: Walton to Carlisle, 20km/12.5 miles, Day 6: Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway, 24km/15 miles.

Are there any particular towns you feel we should not miss? The AD122 bus (named for the year Hadrian visited Britain) runs Easter through September, connecting Birdoswald Roman Fort to Hexham, with stops at major sights and towns, including Vinolanda Roman Fort & Museum, Once Brewed and Housesteads.

I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails. To make matters worse for her, this ended up being easily the best day on the trail.

There is also a comfortable common lounge and dining room. A good excuse to have a drink, chat to fellow walkers from around the world, and reflect on what had largely been a very enjoyable, and in several parts, incredibly scenic, hike across the country. Watch Now.

Through a rolling, castle-marked landscape shaped by the Roman occupation of Britain, Hadrian’s Wall Path strikes across the breadth of the country along the shoulder of Emperor Hadrian’s ancient wall. As mentioned earlier, the bus timetable had changed at some point in the past so I needed to wait three hours or so until the next one. After a short rest, the Elizabeth’s husband drove us to the Belted Will Inn for a pub dinner.

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