lateral movement exercises for basketball

For athletes who move up and down a court or a field, such as tennis or basketball players, the ability to move forward and back as well as side to side is crucial to optimal performance. Whether you need an option for your home gym or travel, you’ll find the right fit with the range of choices: With a lateral trainer for basketball players, you can ramp up your pre-season workouts so you don’t miss a beat during your first practice. Linear and lateral training refer to ways of designing agility drills for sports training. A few simple exercises will help you quickly improve lateral movement as a defender. Set up two cones about 5 yards apart. Don’t worry about speed in the beginning. Hard2Guard Player Development Newsletter 4.12, 2nd Annual Boston Hockey Summit and Basketball Symposium, Combine Tests Predictive Value for Professional Sports Success.

The goal is to improve the range of motion as well as the elasticity of the muscles that surround the hips. This site rocks the Social Triggers Skin for Thesis.

Your feet should never cross. Repeat this movement side to side as explosively as possible. This time we are doing lateral movements. Set up two cones 5 yards apart.

In a 5-yard space, stand facing your teammate. A defender who is slow laterally will be easily juked and left looking silly on the court.

Natural physical gifts allow you to get in a team, but to survive even a few days of training, you will need agility, lateral movement and explosive power. Linear Training Vs. Lateral Training.

UltraSlide’s products will meet and exceed your training equipment necessities. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Importance of Basketball Exercise.

This can be relatively simple to accomplish. Follow with your second foot. Leading with the same foot, step out of the ladder with both feet. Perform 3-4 sets of 10-20-yard Side Squat walks in each direction, resting 1 minute between sets. 12 movement exercises to move sideways.

The 2 in, 2 out drill is a classic and it’s excellent for improving lateral footwork.

Sets/Reps: 3-5 sets, resting 1 minute between.

The traditional 5-10-5 version of this drill is often used to test football players. Create a free website or blog at This applies to all sports, and basketball is no exception. You can perform all reps on one side before switching, or alternate sides. Mountain Climbers (knee outside the elbow). These simple drills will have you moving smoothly and quickly in no time. Walk for either a set distance or for 10-12 steps in each direction. Pull the sled using lateral movement for about 90 feet.

Slideboards are a staple in professional performance and physical therapy centers all over the country. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Perform 3-4 sets with one-minute rest between. Step 2 – Perform 2 sets of 10 repetitions of each of the following exercises: Step 3 – Stretch your quads, hip flexors, hamstrings, IT bands, glutes and adductors.

Footwork and Plyometric Drills. Here are the top three weight resistance exercises you can do to improve your lateral movement. However, for the purpose of improving lateral quickness, you will perform a 5-5-5-5 version. Side Lunges: Holding either a dumbbell or a kettlebell against your chest (like a Goblet Squat), take a big step out to the side, push your hips out in the same direction, sink into a squat position with the other leg still straight, and explosively push back up to your starting position.

( Log Out /  3334 Commercial AvenueNorthbrook, IL 60062, Tel: +1.847.480.1366Toll Free: 800.259.5356, Up Your Game with a Lateral Trainer for Basketball. Practice lateral movement skills to improve your ability to move effortlessly and at full speed on gameday. Using an agility ladder, begin on one side. When you’re shopping for the right board, make sure you take a look at the accessories as well. Walk laterally, maintaining a low hip level and tight midsection.

If they don’t have lateral quickness, defenders are doomed. Our new athletic performance program is scientifically designed to improve your first-step, Velocity Sports & Therapy - Frisco/Carrollton. Perform 3-4 sets with one-minute rest between. Focusing on lateral movement strength in the weight room yields tremendous benefits. Again most sports are played in a condensed area, where lateral movements and acceleration trump top-end sprinting speed. These are things you gain through exercise. One of you is the lead, the other is the shadow. Beginning with the inside foot, step into the first square of the ladder. Your opposite foot is now the lead foot for stepping into and out of the next square. Plus, they're a lot more fun than sit-ups.

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