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– lowering the camera height similar to a height similar if you were sitting in a chair, gives a more pleasing natural perspective Not an endorsement just a suggestion to check-out a program named “Gimp” for editing digital images. Thank you!!! This is an excellent set of tips! Without wishing to be overly critical, the windows in one of your shots are ‘blown out’, was this deliberate? As is true with shooting outdoors, photographing on a cloudy day is actually ideal—clouds act as a natural soft box, diffusing the light and creating even, subdued shadows.”. What about HDR bracketing… You shooting same aperture or sames shutter speed… I’m going w aperture…. Thanks for the simple and clear suggestions for using a digital camera’s manual settings. Not always should you rely on it only. So by zooming in a bit I remove any distortion but still am able to get more of the room in (I shoot homes for realtors). Wo -hooo I get around the light balance issue by taking multiple exposures of the same frame and then layering them in Photoshop. If there’s a houseplant where you need your tripod to be, move that houseplant! Thank you for your very helpful post! Glad there are people out there willing to mentor others. I currently use a tripod and set my ISO to 400 or less.

Super helpful.

Lauren M. Like some of the comments already mention, don’t forget to use a wide angle lens! Can’t wait to play with the aperture after reading this excellent article! Thank you. I studied photography years ago in college for my commercial art degree. I was looking for tips for shooting on a cloudy day. If you haven’t given it a solid shot, I really can’t recommend it enough – take some time and get familiar. This all gets rather complicated and may be somewhat beyond the scope of this particular forum so I’ll stop here before everyone’s eyes glaze over (haha). I liked that you pointed out that it would be smart to try to shoot photos in RAW. I have very limited photography knowledge – in fact I have none and am very keen to learn. The tip should be “use even light.” You want the light outside the windows and inside to be at the same level. What if I’m trying to shoot a room but also want to capture what’s outside the window?

As far as I’m concerned, you gotta do you—critics be gone! xoxo. Most cameras today (whether they are top-of-the-line or bottom-shelf) come with manual settings and options for advanced shooting. I just thought I was terrible at indoor photography.
Would a 14mm be too wide? One piece of software was neglected in the article that is a bit less user friendly than the “Big Guns” the author mentions but none the less powerful and the best part is that it is FREE! Very helpful. Thank you! The human eye is a wonderful thing, capable of adjusting to just about any light temperature—whether it’s the warm yellow of incandescent bulbs or the dull green of fluorescent ones. You want to make it so that the wall’s horizontal and vertical lines (along with the horizontal and vertical elements of items along that wall) are aligned, almost as if on a grid, within your viewfinder. Although the United States and Soviet Union scooped up a variety of German “wonder weapons” after the war, the Krummlauf wasn’t one of them, and the concept went away for the next fifty years. PS4. Just my 2 cents! Great interior shots, here we come! the photos you used are all B/W, are these tips for monochrome photography? ), © Copyright 2020 Center for the National Interest All Rights Reserved. Hi, Juliane! So here I am, back…and learning SO much from this article. what type of camera do you use for the photos taken on this site? To balance the lighting it is essential to raise the interior light level to match the light outside…by using small off camera flash units bounced off a white ceiling, HDR photography or some combination of both. These aren’t rules per se—more guidelines that you can follow when taking photos of your home—a framework within in which you can move around, experiment, and have fun. The reason I’m writing here to begin with is to caution photogs about using HDR. For magazines, I shoot 99 percent without artificial light… editorially we go for ‘dark corners’ and more mood… so, if we want to go for a view outside the window (whilst keeping those lovely soft shadows inside), we would use blending of exposures (probably in lightroom with a plug in), rather than blasting out the interior with a flash… anyway, great piece, not sure why you’re giving away all the secrets!

Close. What do you suggest? Any tip whilst focusing on the windows to shoot for blinds and curtains?! Tilt shift lenses, it should also be noted, are prohibitively expensive to the average consumer and hardly necessary if taking standard interior shots. Unlike JPEGs, which are a “lossy” file compression (meaning that they trash a lot of the photo information in order to save space), RAW files are essentially untouched photographic data. or what lens would you recommend for interior photography? That does seem like it could be very helpful when you need to send a lot of photos to someone. I mentioned the importance of even light within my write-up. Thanks again. : ) I’m a very new beginner and taking in all the information I can before this weekend! You answered a lot of my questions in a nice, simple way. Thank-you so much for this ! I can now put my photography student daughter to work in my house :).

If I can bring in more buyers for the REA, the more appointments I book. This translates to other photography areas as well. Can’t wait to see the difference :). My challenge has been the horizontal tilt that can happen with a wide angle lens.

We have a rental business and I have recently purchased a Canon DSLR with 10-18mm and been steadily improving my skills with manual mode and post-processing using Adobe Lightroom. I am looking at the Nikon 6d or 7d but need advice on lenses to buy. Thanks for sharing. Mark. Great tips! hotel rooms, like you would see in hipster magazines and I didn’t know how to do it.

These filters are clear and usually overlaid on the windows or placed in frames out of sight to the scene. So the steps above change drastically as you are limited with natural light from outside. Thanks for putting this together, for people like me. Thanks!

Although sometimes when I use my cell phone, the shots don’t turn out as well on a cloudy day. But i think i should get a new wide angled lens since in getting into interior photography. The Corner Shot chassis essentially turns the pistol into a shoulder-fired carbine, with a twist: at the press of a button, Corner Shot can instantaneously tilt left for right, allowing the shooter to remain behind cover while observing the camera feed.

If one were to draw a parallel between digital photography and film photography, a RAW file would be akin to an unprocessed negative—it is essentially a record of light hitting the camera’s sensor and has not yet been turned into pixels. Thank you very much for this tips. Thank you for all this wonderful information. Thanks for this. Which is what I was taught to do in real estate but it sucks for interiors.

So—to summarize, it is usually best to have your camera pointed straight forward towards a flat surface. Thank you D*S!

Hoping to hear from you soon! Sometimes artificial light is beautiful and nice to expose in the photograph, especially in situations when it was designed by professional light designer. What if the light coming through your window isn’t strong enough? Its task is to darken the light level it does not correct color, which is why a photographer might also need a CC Filter.
Very good and useful article. I paint furniture and photograph the furniture for my FB page and website. PS is still where it’s at for retouching, but there’s no loss from the data or edits you make when you’re outputting from LR. Great Tips here! Great tips! Timing of this article could not have been better.

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