i'd rather be anywhere but here

The mongrels who took it could see that clearly, I’m sure–but what did they care? The reality is that there are both social and individual responsibility aspects to the problem (and your post identifies some of both of them), but then that’s my centrist instincts speaking. Why? Swiss Army Man Mental Illness, In Toongabbie, the western Sydney suburb my brother lives in (between Blacktown and Parramatta), housing commission flats and houses are sprinkled in between privately-owned houses. Now of course the kids in Macquarie Fields who took that car were ‘joy-riders’ –but they still took something that didn’t belong to them (wonder how they would have felt if someone had done that to them, probably bashed them up!). It’s more entertaining than droning on about post-modernism or Leo Straus. All these matters are most complex, including the issue of communitarianism and the varying types of community which are often at the ground of the “welfare dependency” argument, as well as its ideological biases with regard to the causes of social mobility or social reproduction. Who Sings The Song Chicago, Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Humans are social animals, they go with the herd (or the culture). Kavita Kaushik Movies, Avenged Sevenfold This Means War Tab, 8 Need-To-Know Christmas Carols; Without you. These kids stole a car–not some rich person’s car, I’m sure(and even if it was, so what?) Similarly, with investment in skills and education. I agree ‘underclass’ isn’t the greatest term in the world, but what exactly are you going to call it? In principle, I think public housing ought to be interspersed in areas of private tenancy – it’s a good thing for instance in Brisbane that collective housing at low cost is being built in gentrifying inner city areas. 20 Humorous Responses to “I’d Rather Be Anywhere But Here” A humorous look at what to say and do when kids make it clear your classroom is the last place they want to be. All my good years, all my good years. Pogonomyrmex Occidentalis, The Mayor of Campbelltown, Brenton Banfield today said that “Anyone in Macquarie Fields who had any get up and go has got up and gone” He is spot on. I don’t condone illegal actions but using language such as “jungle predators” is dehumanising and unhelpful, Sophie. There are actually quite a lot of unskilled jobs in the building industry and so on but they are usually on building sites further into the city. Hypocrite Quotes, 30 Places You'd Rather Be Sitting Right Now. Your email address will not be published. “That first job, if you can call it a job, was with a carnival. Hundreds of thousands of Australians work in these jobs, and many of them will do so for their whole working lives. Lisztomania Fifa, Mariners Schedule Espn, Fuego So You Think You Can Dance, Or the English soccer hooligan crews of the last few decades, many of who had solid daytime jobs and wives and girlfriends, but would get together for a good ruck at away matches. Just occasionally surprise kids with a sweet treat.).

I'd rather be anywhere but here ANYWHERE BUT HERE ANYWHERE BUT HERE ANYWHERE BUT HERE. In principle, I think public housing ought to be interspersed in areas of private tenancy – it’s a good thing for instance in Brisbane that collective housing at low cost is being built in gentrifying inner city areas. It’s something that seems to me to be not just confined to Sydney or to Palm Island or to Armidale, by the way–which has had at least two difficult-to-control riots in very recent times too.

This is why I think it’s happening. Lack of decent facilities for youth entertainment (non drug & alcohol related, that is) is another factor. But somebody has to do these jobs. But I think that’s what important is crime reduction. Those kids need much more than more dull routine and earnest gabbling about feminism, post-colonialism, deconstruction et al. Power Of Two Lyrics Mr Twin Sister, Our informative and timely biweekly Children’s Ministry e-newsletter. Further, Sophie has every right to compare the problems of wefare dependency and “victim” status in blighted white communities to those in indiginous communities, because they are very much the same problems. Most youth – even yobbos from Macquarie Fields – are working or studying or (too often) both.

Mark seems to take exception to your emphasis on individual responsibility. There is a fairly strong chance that they will not be out there looking for a job when their parents and grandparents don’t give a rats about being unemployed. I was discussing some of the polarity of views with Rob Corr at http://robert.redrag.net/ on his post of Mon 28th regarding the Sydney riots. Perhaps in the eye’s of many adults in the area, they were. How Old Is Ava Stefanovic, It wasn’t worth the premium. Economic, legal, political and social commentary. Western Sydney in general has a 4 percent unemployment rate; that estate a 25 percent unemployment rate. fainteth--exhausted with desire. Required fields are marked *. Anyone know of any good reference books I can get my hands on about the culture of Sydney’s Western Suburbs? from the story The Way We Were Before by Madzalalor ( ) with 76,090 reads. Praying For Better Days Quotes, Either way would you be happy to let them take their chances and sit back and see which way the chips fall. No unauthorized use or duplication permitted. Guess what. Every single estate of this sort I’ve seen(including in Armidale), is just a breeding-ground for disaffection, boredom and uncaringness. I forget the number of tenants but it was bigger than most country towns of 4,000 or so all on a few blocks. I also object to your inconsistent dismissal of the value of senior education for the so-called underclass (an extremely sociologically loaded term). “It means so much more than actually working out that if you’d really rather be ‘anywhere but here’, you should piss off out of there and get a bloody life!”. Tossing out a few treats every now and then will keep kids alert and interested.

Negative interest rates could be coming. Much of it being along the lines of ‘everybody is blame except us’.

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