eye examination procedure

Place your finger approximately 20-30cm in front of their eyes (alternatively, use the patient’s own thumb). Confirm the patient’s name and date of birth. A common glaucoma screening test is non-contact tonometry (NCT). If there is no shift in fixation in the contralateral eye, while covering either eye, the patient is orthotropic (i.e. Licence: Kribz. Eyes are also an important indicator to detect chronic systemic diseases like Hypertension and Diabetes. American Optometric Association. Absence of the red reflex in children can be due to congenital cataracts, retinal detachment, vitreous haemorrhage and retinoblastoma. 8. Your answers help your eye doctor understand your risk of eye disease and vision problems. Your eye doctor may use a variety of instruments, shine bright lights directly at your eyes and request that you look through an array of lenses. Licence: Public domain. The refraction also determines how much nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism you have.

In: Clinical Procedures in Primary Eye Care. Make sure the patient is positioned seated prior to turning out the lights to avoid accidents. Each afferent limb of the pupillary reflex has two efferent limbs, one ipsilateral and one contralateral. Your doctor uses this device to examine the eyelids, lashes, cornea, iris, lens and fluid chamber between your cornea and iris. This test helps diagnose glaucoma. Episcleritis. This may be longstanding and non-pathological or relate to actual pathology. Look at the eyes in the primary position for any deviation or abnormal movements. This test measures the amount of pressure it takes to flatten a portion of your cornea. Below is a non-exhaustive list of causes of red eye, with their associated clinical features. You will be unable to monitor pupil reactions once dilating drops have been applied, furthermore assessing vision, colour vision, double vision and visual fields will be less accurate once drops are instilled. Available from: [. Decreased visual acuity has many potential causes including: Optic nerve (CN II) pathology usually causes a decrease in acuity in the affected eye. During the slit lamp exam, you will be asked to place your forehead and chin securely against the rests on the front of the instrument and your doctor will begin by examining the structures of the front of your eyes — including your eyelids, cornea, conjunctiva, iris, and lens. Licence: Public domain. Licence: Jonathan Trobe, M.D. Check out our brand new medical MCQ quiz platform at https://geekyquiz.com. Assessment of the eyes and vision frequently appears in OSCEs and you’ll be expected to pick up the relevant clinical signs using your examination skills.

Be prepared to give specific information, including: An eye exam usually involves these steps: Several different tests may be performed during the eye exam. 3.

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