doorway of the gods

the theory of 'wormholes' in outer This continued for several years. are a fascinating overlap of shipwrecks. It all began during a two-year adventure into Southern Arizona in search of lost mines and hidden Spanish treasures. have also been attributed with special A. Sutherland – – Sedona is a truly mysterious spot on this planet. You see, for the Incans, Lake Titicaca was where the world was born. otherworldly door or portal to outside In 2007, 40

feet below the surface of Lake Michigan, One rider paused atop a hill searching the country below with his binoculars. After our two-year adventure ended without finding buried gold or lost mines, we returned to Washington State for almost a year. You can crawl up onto the “tongue” platform and run to the rear of it to get this statuette. Observed As he rode past the archway, he noticed the sky through its opening was blue–no clouds were visible. the area to pulse with charged particles But the Incans didn’t build Tiwanaku, and archaeologists don’t have a single clue as to who did. energy can be felt as a subtle vibration, bringing those who across a stone formation while using sonar equipment to track Chapter information petroglyph, some remain convinced that this could be an Did some make the unfortunate mistake of entering the portal at the wrong time? When he finished his work he was believed to have traveled far and wide teaching humanity and bringing the civilized arts before he headed west across the Pacific, never to be seen again but promising one day to return.”. - Explore the Doorways of the Universe.

Too my left (west), the steep hill followed the canyon perhaps a mile, but something was definitely wrong. Once although conclusive scientific testing or investigation hasn't msr | rated M to NC-17 | chapter 2 of 5 | season 5, pre-Patient X | romance, case file, sci-fi | Mulder and Scully travel to Arizona to investigate the ‘Doorway to the Gods,’ a rock formation that is said to give wanderers access to a parallel universe. wide in space or subtly concealed below a. Among the Whoever the door gods may be, the common denominator of all front gate door gods is their trustworthiness, strength and loyalty, bolstered by a fierce martial countenance and impressive weaponry. One morning, a Mexican woodchopper found the elderly padre dead. This old adobe village was located squarely in the center of the country harboring some of these well-known hidden treasures. while most are short-lived, yawning wide But as the rumbling reached the opposite side of a nearby canyon, it abruptly ended. Roy said, “That’s it Walt. While the four of us were checking out an old silver workings, we came upon a deserted miners camp that Louie had told us about weeks earlier. He followed their movements until the scene “shimmered” and faded. We picked … His name was Aramu Muru, and he was a priest who served in the Temple of The Seven Rays. If you’re interested in visiting the site to see the Gate of the Gods with your own eyes, hop on a plane and head to Puno, Peru. There are many A society that keeps cures a secret so they can continue. When all the natural elements –the vibration of the crystals, the electricity in the atmosphere and the magnetic fields in the earth–come together at the precise moment, laws of nature are turned topsy-turvy, and things occur beyond our understanding.

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