chemical elements list

O Oxygen 8 No Nobelium 102 Al Aluminum 13 Sb Antimony 51 Ca Calcium 20 Mt Meitnerium 109 Our body made up carbohydrates, fats, nucleic acids, or proteins, with carbon chain. The others are 2H and 3H. Calcium also plays a vital role as a messenger, in cell communication, fertilization, and others.

Pm Promethium 61 This alkaline appearance can vary, such as dull gray, silver, or a pale yellow tint. It can be colorless, waxy white, scarlet, violet, or black solid. Au Gold 79 Uup Ununpentium 115 Y Yttrium 39 This chemical element has a symbol K and atomic number 19.

You can download and print for personal use. This is a list of the 118 chemical elements which have been identified as of 2020.

104 to 109) are disputed by the ACS (American Chemical Society) and the IUPAC (International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry). But don’t be surprised because we still have other ‘ingredients’. Pd Palladium 46 (°C) B.P. Na Sodium 11 The document lists the chemicals in alphabetical order so it’s easier to locate the chemical than looking at the traditional periodic table. Ni Nickel 28

Phosphorus is a chemical element with a ‘P’ symbol, and atomic number 15. You will understand why too much salt or too much can kill you. Ce Cerium 58 Phosphorus is a chemical element that made up 1% of our body. Xe Xenon 54 Pb Lead 82 Lr Lawrencium 103 Hs Hassium 108

You can say that we are no different from ameba or amoeba if we are talking about what made us from the scratch. Ga Gallium 31 Zn Zinc 30 This silvery white metallic solid is a highly reactive metal. Other chemical elements names (e.g. Ir Iridium 77 However, if the composition of those elements in our body is changed, some harmful effects might happen such as kidney failure if we have too much salt in our body (which is made from sodium and so on). Israel Science and Technology Directory ... Chemistry: List of Periodic Table Elements Sorted by: Atomic number. Pu Plutonium 94

While breaking the bond of carbon chain is one of the ways to get energy. Understanding your body, including what are you actually made of, can help you to get a better and healthy life. Z Symbol Sym. Fr Francium 87 Fm Fermium 100 P Phosphorus 15 This pale yellow green gas is the second lightest element in the halogen groups, a very reactive element and also a very strong oxidizing agent.

However, the composition of our chemical elements is quite different from the others living thing. In our universe, hydrogen is much more abundant compared to the hydrogen inside our body. We can found phosphorus in our bone, alongside with calcium to form bone structure, and also in the ATP molecule as one of the main energy carriers in cells. Ac Actinium 89 Pt Platinum 78 Chemical Elements List Table Key. However, calcium also plays a key role in protein regulation and muscle concentration.

You can also read: Potassium Uses and Properties. Other chemical elements names (e.g.

Tb Terbium 65 With phosphorus and potassium, sodium plays a vital role as an electrolyte. Pa Protactinium 91

Np Neptunium 93 This chemical element was discovered by Hennig Brand and then officially recognized as an element by Lavoisier.

The amount of neutrons of an element varies, two atoms with the same amount of protons and neutrons are of the same isotope. In addition to that, it has a high electronegativity, only falling behind oxygen and fluorine. The chemical elements list is also available in text format below the thumbnail image. In Indium 49 Ra Radium 88 Calcium made up at least 1.5% of our body. If your child is studying chemistry and needs to learn all of the elements, print out this list and help them memorize them or quiz them on the material. Nb Niobium 41

Be Beryllium 4 The list is a free download in PDF format. Its symbol is O. A lack of calcium or excess of calcium in our body can lead to some health problems, such as osteoporosis.

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