acapulco bay sewage

Already a Member? black to Icacos beach. Click Here to login, Industry Global New 24 LLC, The video taken from a nearby balcony shows a high-pressure stream of raw sewage flowing into the water from just off of Acapulco’s Icacos Beach, possibly from a nearby busted sewer line. The owner of the Capama, Leonel Galindo González, quickly went out to declare in defense that same day that: “It is normal to discharge water directly to the beach at the start of the rains, it is as if Acapulco was washing its face from the high part (sic) ”. Reporting by Uriel Sanchez; Writing by David Alire Garcia; Editing by Daniel Flynn, Lisa Shumaker and Leslie Adler. The beach, which has been especially popular with Mexican tourists, is a few meters from a local hotel. ACAPULCO, Mexico (Reuters) - The coastline of famed Mexican beach resort Acapulco was sullied late last week by a large discharge of raw sewage, the ugly scene captured in a viral video, which has prompted local officials to promise an investigation and fix broken drains. Subscribe to update with our latest news. But in recent years, its tourist industry has been hobbled by gangland violence that has driven away most international tourists and more recently by an acute coronavirus outbreak.

Acapulco continues to discharge sewage into the bay, The U.S. and Mexico ranked among the worst countries to raise a family, Chihuahua State Health Secretary dies of COVID-19, Tragedy on the Nuevo Laredo-Monterrey Hwy, major traffic delays experienced, In San Miguel de Allende 16,000 families live from romance tourism.
Reuters on Tuesday visited the site of a dark sewer leak coming from under a pedestrian bridge near another beach-front hotel off Marbella Plaza, draining into the bay where rolling waves could be seen in the distance. Of the more than 50 wastewater treatment plants, only three operate, ... a laboratory external to Capama carried out physicochemical and microbiological samples to confirm that there are no sewage discharges to the bay. A viral video shows large steam of black slur emptying into the waters of the bay.

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. Raw blackish slug water sewage flows into the Acapulco bay ; Pollutes the water and the marine life ; A popular beach, the Acapulco beach, which is a favoured destination of the Mexican tourists, is soiled with raw sewage.

He argued that he was questioned on the same social networks when cataloging it as an obvious inexperience of the municipal official, since it was real that it was about drainage discharges to this beach classified as “clean”. The agency is asking that the discharge be treated as a federal crime. For his part, the head of the Environmental Protection Attorney of the Guerrero government (Propaeg), Alfredo Gómez Suástegui, cast down the version of the director of the paramunicipal, González Galindo, assuring that the channel was blocked, as a result of the heavy rains, and warned that it could sanction the paramunicipal, for the runoff of sewage into the sea.
He assured that there were no sewage discharges and that the output registered that day, he insisted, corresponded to the runoff caused by the first rains of the season, and that it was false that a dam had overflowed. The director of Municipal Ecology, Guadalupe Rivas Pérez, came to his defense, who, to counterbalance, stated that the discharge to Icacos beach was not a product of sanitary drainage, but of the first rains this season. The head of the drinking water operating body, despite this, maintained his rhetoric that they were not drainage waters, but rainwater, although under pressure from the state government he confirmed that a laboratory external to Capama carried out physicochemical and microbiological samples to confirm that there are no sewage discharges to the bay.

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